Why Galeon? Why $GALEON?

When web3 solves real-life problems.

4 min readJun 21, 2023

Let’s qualify the problems to be solved:

1/ Hospitals have not transitioned to the digital era (to put it mildly), which makes the system inefficient, burdensome for healthcare providers, very difficult to optimize, and impossible to evolve (first problem).

2/ Health data is inaccessible and unusable, even for healthcare providers and hospital administration. The data is unusable due to problem 1 and inaccessible due to security and confidentiality issues.

It’s not the hospitals’ expertise, yet it would require a cybersecurity expert per hospital, which is currently impossible given their resources and the scarcity of experts… Meanwhile, the potential for health data research projects is enormous, and startups have the financial means to fund the development of new treatments or care protocols (second problem).

That's why the hospital is sick.

That's why Galeon is working on it.

👉 How does Galeon solve these 2 problems? Why $GALEON?

1/ The hospital’s health data is poorly structured.

The SaaS solution resolves this issue. Galeon's SaaS is currently deploying in hospital by adding prescription verification elements, suggestion tools, etc.

This already brings significant benefits, explaining why Galeon is generating revenue and experiencing hyper growth, even in a complex market where hospitals take months to make decisions.

2/ Data utilization is a sensitive subject.

While there is a lot of money at stake, there is also the potential for multiple conflicts with the hospitals’ public service mission and the healthcare providers’ Hippocratic Oath.

  • Imagine a hospital paying patients for donating their health data: it creates a dystopian world where the poor sell their data to provide better care for the rich.
  • Imagine healthcare providers being paid based on the number of health data they generate: it could create strange pressures on the patient. => Galeon proposes a balanced solution that utilizes blockchain: health data remains on protected servers, owned by the patients, and maintained, stored, and structured by Galeon, as it is their expertise.

The hospitals’ private blockchain will be used to distribute the value created by the utilization of health data (within the framework of regulations and medical ethics) to create new services.

For example, a startup wants to train an AI using data generated by Galeon’s SaaS for cancer treatment.

=> The startup pays €1 million to the Galeon network distributed as follows: 5% for buy-back and burn (deflation), 5% for network maintenance (Galeon), 40% to participating hospitals on the blockchain, and 50% to the DAO (we’ll come back to that).

=> Their AI is launched and trained on anonymized data and leaves a trace on the private blockchain (Blockchain Swarm Learning™ technology), burning $GALEON during training.

=> Hospitals can verify and identify which hospital’s data was used for the AI, allowing them to know their share of the pie (X% of the previously mentioned 40%).

Now, let’s go back to $GALEON — the token

  • $GALEON is the utility token of the blockchain among hospitals, which will be proposed and deployed at the right time to hospitals.
  • $GALEON is already systematically burned through “buy-back and burn” — it is already in progress (check on BSC) when dealing with hospitals (check whitepaper for details).
  • $GALEON will be further burned during AI training using Blockchain Swarm Learning.
  • The supply is fixed at 4,000,000,000 $GALEON. There is no possible “printing,” thus resulting in mechanical scarcity with all these burns…

🧐 OK! But what is in it for the holders?

There are two concrete uses, yet to come in time (remember that any investor must wait a few years for “legit” projects).

1/ The launchpad — Share the value unlocked with holders

Galeon’s strategic and operational expertise in web3 (data utilization) has value, and the company wants to benefit the holders.

If a company partners with Galeon and it is relevant to launch their token, $GALEON holders will have privileged access to the ICO (negotiated on a case-by-case basis with projects).

During a bear market, it may not be very visible, but we believe there is a pool of interested companies in the pre-bull market.

Despite strong competition in the web3 consulting market, Galeon is one of the few French web3 companies with a true track record (we ate our own dog food).

2/The DAO — Fund non-profit health research

Once deployed (timing is key), the DAO’s mission is to fund projects beyond the current healthcare financing system’s radar.

As you read earlier, we believe the DAO will accumulate a substantial treasure over time: first, because Galeon will contribute to it, and secondly, with each sale of access to the aforementioned AIs (which is a significant market).

The DAO is the investment vehicle for impactful projects.

  • 50% of the votes will be given to patients who have authorized access to their data for AI training (but never direct access to the data!) through their patient portal.
  • 50% of the votes will be given to token holders, which includes YOU.

♻️ Galeon's virtuous cycle

The DAO is not meant to be a cash machine but a positive impact machine.

The team’s conviction is that the positive impact will return to the Galeon ecosystem with a strong leverage effect:

♻️ Impact => positive press => new clients => new projects => new holders => impact => positive press => new clients => etc.

As long as Galeon and its entire ecosystem remain true to their founding principles.

Having said all that, DYOR (Do Your Own Research), and it’s up to you to decide if you want (and can) join the adventure and take the risk of creating something great with us.




🧬 Create the Future of Healthcare, train medical AI thanks to the Blockchain.